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Serena Ranieri – CEO, Italian Event Planners

If I should define myself I’d tell I’m a strong and determined kind of person, cheerful and always very positive. So it's not by chance that ten years ago I decided that what I wanted to do in my life was to make people happy, and that’s the reason why I love this job.
I'm very proud to have a superbe team made of helpful and professional people, always capable to create extraordinary events of great impact. We plan different kinds of weddings, from very simple and intimate to highly sophisticated and sumptuos, but in all of them we put the same effort, the same passion and the same attention to details.
What we aim to offer is a whole welcoming experience that may be unforgettable... you just have to contact us and we will help make your Italian dream come true!

Alessia Santa – Owner, White Emotion

Alessia Santa is in love with the dream. Just as she is fascinated by that special romantic, singular and ethereal touch, on which each of her projects takes shape. And over these aspects over the years he has built, shaped, developed his creativity, his love for beauty, choosing as the guiding thread and motto of his work, that of realizing the dreams of his customers by making - for them - "work" impossible to make it ... possible. This is the philosophy of White Emotion - the destination wedding agency it owns - a beacon of reference for the spouses who choose to have a plus for that day. Magazines such as Elle, Vogue Sposa, Bride U.K.

Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer – Owner

Caterina Lostia will ensure an outstanding event and fulfill even the most challenging requests by creating workable solutions for a smooth and uninterrupted day.
I grew up, absolutely by chance, in the sophisticated world of fashion and luxury, it was not exactly what I had in mind.
I’m an architect, with a great passion for the Italian culture and the art of reception and a huge love for fairy tales .
Through my experiences into the fashion world, I understood the importance of timing in the realization of the event. It’s crucial for me that every detail must be chromatically perfect and consistent. Food, flowers, fabrics and embroidery must all come together under one philosophy: harmony.
My “Wedding Bureau”can satisfy any request regarding design, project, planning and coordination.

Serena Urbano – Owner, WedinSalento

Born in Salento and very proud of her beautiful Apulian Region, Serena is the heart and soul of WedinSalento, her wedding planning agency founded in 2013.

She was ispired by her homeland to create outstanding and memorable weddings for those couples around the World who choose Puglia as their own Wedding Destination.
During her University career she had the chance to travel a lot and study abroad... for example in Tōkyō, a Japanese city and its culture kept in her heart forever.
She's Co-founder and Secretary of the Italian Wedding Planner Association called “Wedding Planner Italia” (WPI), whose aim is to safeguard professionals and clients in the Italian Wedding Industry.
“Passion for my job leads me over any limit and allows me to provide a customized service according to my clients' requests”.

Fabiana Vernetti – Owner, Maison d’Eventi

I am Fabiana Vernetti founder and owner of Maison d'Eventi, wedding designer and planner for over 10 years, based in Tuscany.
I work mostly on Destination Wedding that brings me in the rest of Italy and in the major and mostly requested locations as Pulia, Amalfi Coast, Como lake, Garda lake, Dolomiti Mountains, Sicily.
A past as Interior Designer is the value added that can grant refined and exclusive details that will become you wedding One of a Kind.
I live my childhood between Liguria river and the south of France, then the love has take me here in this awesome region.
I love the simplicity of small things and the beauty, due to this my wedding decors are always so cared and results of months of research and work, i will bring you to discover this beautiful land.

Giorgia Galli – Owner, GG Wedding & Events Planner

Silvia Daniele – Owner, Silvia Daniele Wedding Planner

I was born in Friuli, I live in Veneto near Venice but I organize weddings & events all over Italy. I've been a floral designer for 20 years, work I've learned from my dad, and now, for over ten years, I have been working as a Wedding Planner with great passion.
I am a dreamer, an enthusiastic lover of beauty and perfection, I love the attention to detail and I am passionate about bon ton.
In every event I organize, nothing is ever left to chance, and my must is to make sure that it is... all perfect! The joy in the eyes of my spouses is my engine.
My secret? No secrets, I just put my heart into it.
My Hastag? "Tell me about your dreams, I will make them a reality."
I am president and co-founder of WPI, Association Wedding Planner Italia, an organization founded with the aim of protecting the profession of wedding planner.

Nicoletta Del Gaudio – Wedding Planning & Design

Born and rised in Northern Sardinia and for several years I live in Tuscany, a region that I love deeply like my land.
I love visitng new places, every trip is a push towards my personal and professional growth.
Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer, I plan and create wedding in the splendid scenary of Tusccany and Sardinia.
My approach to marriag is planning, analyzing spaces and always trying to enphasize the strengths in order to be able to think about sets, considering everything that would be fun and exciting. I love to think to my spouses dreams as a work of art designed and created, but always inspired by their history.
I create emotions and I always get excited when a couple manages to pronounce their "I do".

"To achieve great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only to design but also to believe" ANATOLE FRANCE

Marta Mizzotti – Make up & Hairsyling

Every bride wants to be perfect on her wedding day and I am here to fulfill this desire. My name is Marta Mizzotti, I am a freelancer makeup artist and hairstylist, I love nature, harmony and attention to detail. My work is focused on a 360 ° study of the image, from makeup to hairstyle to create a stunning total look. The most important thing for a bride is to feel herself, my mission is to make the brides shine on their most important day by highlighting their strengths without upsetting their personality. I take care of my brides by offering a high level service so that they can live in complete relaxation the moments before the ceremony.

Teresa Santoro – Communication Strategist

Web marketing expert and consultant in digital PR for small and medium-sized enterprises of the wedding and beauty market. After graduating in Communication Science from University of Florence, I decided to specialize with a MBA Master in Institutional advertising and Digital

Matteo Tosi – Digital Strategist & Communications Consultant

I’m Matteo, for many years I have dealt with communication, press office, marketing and social media within the fashion industry.

I have worked and still work for brands and magazines in the bridal industry.
I won last year, 2019, the Discover Destination Wedding Maratea Award in Italy as best Fashion Blogger and this year I have been judge of the 7th Annual Vancouver, Canada, Island Wedding Awards.
Fashion is my passion, and because of my experience I share through every day beauty and inspiration for your special day.
Through the blog I want to provide you with ideas for your wedding and share with you everything that revolves around the wedding industry.

Alessandra Campagnola – Digital Strategist

Alessandra De Flammineis – Giardini del Fuenti

Chiara Gori – Matrimonio 5 sensi

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