ABOUT US Our project

The project Italy for Weddings is designed to promote the wonderful Italian Wedding Destinations and their operators in the sector, with the aim of enhancing their offer and their territory in Destination Wedding. IfW will accompany each operator in the discovery of market trends with the possibility of personalised promotion and research, training with experts and much more. IfW offers a comprehensive service dedicated to you and to all the operators in the sector who wish to take their event in Italy.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PHENOMENON Destination Wedding 2019 in numbers

IfW started monitoring the Destination Wedding situation in 2018 together with Centro Studi Turistici, our exceptional partner. A wide range of data collected confirm a sector in constant growth and with enormous potential. The careful mapping of the sector’s spin-offs, trends, favorite Italian destinations and much more bear out the fact that we are in the top ranking of countries most favoured by foreign couples intending to celebrate their wedding abroad.

540,2 Mln

Estimated total turnover (a 8.4% rise over 2018)


Events (a 4.8% increase over 2018)

1,5 Mln

Attendance (4.2% increment from 2018)


Average expenditure per event (2.2% rise over 2018)

MEMBERS AND DESTINATIONS Our network and the not-to-be-missed Italian destinations

Italy knows how to win people over: it is undeniable that we Italians have a pronounced streak of romanticism and that this force of nature is capable also of suffusing everything. The breathtaking sunsets by the sea, the mountain views dotted with castles and luxury villas, the intimacy of sea grottos and of course, with the mildness of the climate and the quality of the food as added bonuses: our beautiful and varied territory is ideal for the celebration of every style of wedding.

MEET US Italy for Weddings in the world

Italy for Weddings is participating in the most representative activities of the sector’s main fairs. This year IfW will be present at Epex 2020, Destination Wedding Planners  and L’Amour. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the great offerings available in the Italian Wedding industry. IfW is waiting to acquaint you with everything in its network and all the ways in which Italy will amaze you as a destination for your yes!

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